Creating my own cryptocurrency: JamonCoin

By following this super simple tutorial, I´ve understood the basics of how to create a smart contract, in this case a smart contract which creates a new cryptocurrency. The JamonCoin. Each JamonCoin is backed by assets of Jamon in my fridge, so I expect the value of this cryptocurrency to be recognised by the markets.

You can observe this new Cryptocurrency from your Test-Net Ethereum wallet by clicking on tab “Contracts>Watch token” and pasting the address: 0x8866181a0176480cdD1D5a1d7C58aA73a0f797E3 Let me know if you´d like to receive some JamonCoins to play with.

Compiling a new contract is very easy, in your Ethereum wallet, go to “Contracts>Deploy New Contract”, write the code under “Solidity contract Source Code” and you can deploy it by selecting the contract to deploy and initialising it´s values. Solidity is object oriented, so you can use concepts as constructors, classes, inheritance… to deploy it click “Deploy”.

Hello World! 😀






5 thoughts on “Creating my own cryptocurrency: JamonCoin

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  2. I don’t like Jamon, I love soup. Soup is the best, jamon is overrated. Furthermore, soup is universal like wordpress, jamon is a kansas farmer lost in Tokio. Please, soup up and start a smart contract with soup. Soupongo que mentiendes.

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