Questions for future research/posts

  1. How does the bitcoin blockchain work?
  2. How to program a smart contract in Ethereum.
  3. Hyperledger investigation.
  4. Digital Assets Investigation.
  5. Why is cryptography secure? Eratostenes’ cribe and cryptography
  6. Analysis of representative fintech companies
    1. client value proposition
    2. financials?
  7. Ethereum mining, are there mining pools? what types of mining are possible (CPU/GPU)? Is it still achievable to mine ETH, or is the competition too much.

Cool things to investigate:

  1. Smart Bonds. (Is this really possible? Fx risk would be a problem unless you can do it directly in fiat currency)
  2. Smart Beta. (cool idea, replicate a benchmark automatically. Probably this is already being done other ways before the blockchain)
  3. Having my wallet in a computer is too restricting. If I’m not at the computer I can’t use it. If the computer burns I’ve lost it.. Can wallets be in the cloud? What about security?
  6. How do I move my wallet from one computer to another?
  7. Build a tool that can write messages to the blockchain and read them afterwards (after all this is a database isn’t it)
    1. something like this: