Finished Legend of Zelda, a link to the past on my raspberry pi! :D


One thought on “Finished Legend of Zelda, a link to the past on my raspberry pi! :D

  1. Certainly the best and most impressive factor in this Zelda is the transition between the two worlds, which makes exploration and the way you play much more interesting. A place in Dark World has its own correspondent in Light World, an example: in Dark World a place is accessible, but in Light World it is inaccessible, using an item you can go from Dark to Light World and access that place discovering secrets , and vice versa. The exploration in the game is sensational, in addition to the traditional Pieces of Heart, you have a wide range of items to get, some useful, others not. Dungeons are also things to highlight, they are big and offer challenges that do not require much intelligence, but rather A LOT of patience and a sense of navigation, so it is ALWAYS good to be aware of the dungeon maps. Zelda’s classic formula is also strong as it can be manipulated, but it’s not that simple, go through the dungeons and get your greatest treasure, it doesn’t make you sick to play, on the contrary going to the next dungeon and facing the next challenge is really exciting!

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