Password Management

I’ve taken a leap of faith into the password management world. Until a month ago I used to be the living example of how not to manage your passwords… Kevin Mitnick would not have been proud..

I’ve started using keepass, a free tool which works under windows (and Linux and Mac with mongo) and provides one place where to store all passwords. Keepass uses AES encryption to keep passwords safe. To share my passwords amongst my computers I upload my keepass file to google drive, since it’s encrypted I’m not (too) worried that someone may get all my passwords (ok, I am still a bit worried, but I guess using the same password for every service is a worse alternative, or keeping them written down in my notebook..).

I have as a pending task to investigate lastpasssafe-in-cloud and 1password (are we really sending our passwords to the cloud? one leap of faith at a time for me… ) and find a tool that works securely in ios. (Update: Keepass has Minikeepass for ios, I’ve installed it and it works. It even can get a copy of the passwords file via dropbox)




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