I’m doing this MIT training about the future of fintech, and through it I am discovering the amazing potential of Ethereum as a source of fun. I think it could be cool to log here my ramblings with it. Maybe it can help others in their path.

Yesterday, I was able to set up an Ethereum wallet in my AWS virtual machine, and I managed to buy 3.000€ worth of ETH (205) and XBT (1,7), my bet is that in one years time these 3.000€ will have transformed into 30.000€. But my goal is not to make money through speculation. My goal is to learn about Ethereum and be able to program smart contracts that automate payments.

My milestones are:

  1. Open an account at and buy some ETH and XBT [ Done ]
  2. Install an ethereum wallet in my windows computer [ Done ]
  3. Install an ethereum wallet in my Amazon Web Services VM [ Done ]
  4. Figure out how to mine ETH [ Pending ]
  5. Figure out how to develop smart contracts [ Pending ]



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