Fun with Amazon Dash buttons and a raspberry pi

One of my holiday projects for this christmas is to be able to intercept the press of an amazon dash button with my raspberry pi and execute a script. The rationale behind how this works is that the dash buttons try to reach the amazon servers every time the button is pressed, for this they first connect to the wifi sending an arp request. Since arp requests are broadcast on the network, my raspberry pi can be listening (using scapy) and when an arp request from the dash button’s mac address is detected, a shellscript could be launched which triggers all sort of cool things.

One fun way to use this could be as a doorbell, when someone is at the door, they could press a dash button which would trigger a raspberry pi to take a picture of whoever is at the door and send me an email alerting me and sending me their picture.

It’s 00:15 on chistmas day, I am in bed connected to my raspberry pi via ssh with my iphone and I have just been successful at detecting a button press. Nice!! 😀