My ETH Wallet is empty!

It’s a good thing I don’t have my retirement savings in my ethereum wallet, right now as I write this, my wallet which should show ETH 205 is showing ETH 0!


Googling around I see there are others which are having the same issue, it seems to have relationship with not having a synchronised blockchain. So I’m synchronising it to see if this fixes the issue.


I am not really concerned with having lost the funds, since I can see them in, so let’s see what needs to be done to get them back into my wallet 🙂


I wanted to access my ETH to exchange it with XMR (Monero), the promising new cryptocurrency which addresses some privacy concerns which bitcoin has. Since I don’t know when I’ll be able to access my ETH, I’ve decided to use half my Bitcoin (XBT) balance to buy some Monero.



UPDATE: After two hours updating the local copy of the ethereum blockchain, my wallet is now showing the correct balance 🙂




Monero is on fire

This alternative to bitcoin looks exciting.. it corrects the flaw that bitcoin has regarding anonymity.

“If I pay my rent in Bitcoin, it wouldn’t be that hard for the landlord to figure out how much money I earned if I don’t take extra precautions,”

On My to-do for the next month, figure out how to swap half my bitcoins into Monero. 😉